Camarilla Positions

Without Title, Rank, and Positions, no one would know their place in the world. Positions are the basic backbone to Kindred society, without which there would be no means of checking those that may expose, cause harm, or even death to other Kindred. Though there are various titles for each of the following positions, each job is the same. It should be also noted that not every city has filled all the position listed for numerous reasons.


A Prince is the undisputed Master of a given domain’s Vampires. The Masters of some domains prefer different titles; if they are a member of the Lancea Sanctum they often prefer to be called Archbishop, for example. Some female Princes have chosen the title of Queen rather than Prince. The title serves to reinforce the neo-feudal nature of most Kindred society. Most Princes are voted into position by the remaining Primogen. However some Princes achive their positions by sheer force of their strength or charisma.


The Seneschal is considered the Prince’s right hand by looking after the day-to-day operations of the domain, keeping track of the Prince’s interest, schedule and appointments. In some cities the Seneschal is the most trusted confidente of the Prince. The position is assigned by the Prince alone. In times when a city is suddenly left without a Prince the Seneshal is looked upon as “Prince” until the Primogen can decided on whom to take the throne.


A Herald speaks on behalf of the Prince. Considered as the “mouthpiece” for a Prince, the Herald must ensure that all vampires hear the decrees of their liege. When the Herald speaks, their words are considered to be equivalent to the Prince speaking; while this might cause problems, most Heralds do not double cross the Prince. This position is usually absent in smaller cities. The Herald position is assigned by the Prince.


The representative of a clan in the primogen council is chosen either through an electoral or other selective process within the clan or by selection by the Prince. A Prince, however, unless she is very weak, has the final say over the composition of the council and may choose to reject a clan’s selection. A Prince might even choose to elevate a given individual to the primogen simply because she likes them or trusts them over those who might be considered more “deserving.” This usually depends upon how powerful or narcissistic a given Prince is. A Prince who insults an entire clan by elevating one who is widely considered undeserving may alienate a powerful political bloc. On the other hand, a Prince may choose to do so precisely because a given elder or clan is too powerful, in her opinion, and she is seeking to divide the loyalties of the clan into those who support the primogen and those who support the “pretender.” A Primogen Council can remove a Prince by a unanomis vote of no confidence.


The Whip is as informal position. She is responsible for “inspiring” her clanmates to present a united face on major issues and to make their voices heard on local issues, to make sure that the other clans take them seriously. Most often assigned the position by the Primogen.


A Harpy is both an official and unofficial position. Official in that it is can be an assigned position appointed by the Prince, unofficial is that a Harpy can truely anyone of a popular status by the Primogen. The Harpies set the fashion for the domain, as well as showing who is acceptable and who is not. A harpy is watched by many Kindred for the pulse of the Kindred community. A harpy may be removed by a majority vote of the Primogen Council.


The Sheriff enforces the laws of the Prince over a given domain. This includes but is not limited to investigating, interrogating, and concluding the laws which have been broken and deciding whether or not to bring the criminal before the Prince. The Sheriff cares out all sentencing handed down by the Prince. Sheriff’s can differ from city to city; some are intelligent, others lack the ability to discover. Most feel they are doing what is best for Kindred society, while some just want the power over others. Generally nominated by the Prince and confirmed by the Primogen.

Master of Elysium

The Master of Elysium is in charge of keeping the Elysium maintained and ensuring safety for the Elysium. The Master of Elysium will work closely with a Sheriff to maintain the violent aspects of others. In smaller populations the job of the Master of Elysium may be Seneschal or Herald, while in larger cities their might be multiple Elysiums with multiple Masters. Generally voted into position by the Primogen and confirmed by the Prince.

Camarilla Positions

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