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History of the Camarilla / Midessa

Over the past centuries groups known as sects have appeared among Kindred society. Many ancients deride the existence and concepts of sects as “modern foolishness. The blood is all that matters”, but still the power and influence of these organizations grow.

Well over 50% of the Kindred in existence belong the Camarilla; the rest either maintain their independence or are attached exclusively to their bloodlines. The largest and most dominant sect is the Camirilla, though the Sabbat contends with it. Though the Inconnu claim they are not a sect, they appear to have some sort of organization and stay well clear of the other sects.

The Camarilla is the largest single sect of vampires as well as the most open; theoretically any vampire may claim membership, regardless of lineage. In fact, the Camarilla assumes that all vampires are members of their sect whether they want to be or not. The founders of the sect view it as the Great Society of undead, and take offense at any suggestions otherwise.

The Camarilla’s roots date back to a crucial event in 1381—revolt by mortal peasants in England against the local nobility. These mortals were aided in this cause by freedom loving Cainites (the term “Kindred” was not yet in vogue) of many clans. Though the humans’ revolt was soon put down, the spark of revolution spread among the disenchanted young vampires throughout western Europe. Oppressed childer began attacking one another’s sires in a bid for freedom from eternal servitude; opportunistic childer took advantage of a chance to increase their power through diablerie. Kindred historians will later point to this rebellions—more specifically, to an attack on the Ventrue Hardestadt by the Brujah anarch Tyler—as the true beginning of the Anarch Revolt.

The early 15th century saw a number of setbacks for the elders of Europe. The anarchs, emboldened by Tyler’s success, staged a terrifying coup and destroyed the Lasombra Antediluvian. They attacked the Tzimisce Antediluvian as well, and claimed his destruction. The rebels even discovered a means of breaking blood bonds, and coordinated their attacks with Assamites, who were only too happy for the chance to commit diablerie on European elders. In 1435, Hardestadt called a convocation of elders to deal with the anarch problem. He proposed that a league of vampires be formed to address problems that crossed territorial or clan lines. Though most elders were suspicious of the idea and rejected it, a small group joined Hardestadt.

Over the next decade this group pushed the idea of the Camarilla more subtly, in small councils and one-on-one meetings. By 1450, the Founders of the Camarilla had enough support from the European elders that they began to assert their authority, directing cross-clan coteries in attacks on anarch strongholds. At the same time, the Founders encouraged a few coteries to search out the Assamites’ hidden fortress of Alamut. The centralized power of the Camarilla seems to have been the key to the anarchs’ defeat. In 1493, leaders of the Anarch Movement acquisced to the Camarilla’s demand for a convention to discuss the terms of the anarch’s surrender. The Convention of Thorns brought most of the anarchs back into the Camarilla proper and arranged for the punishment of Clan Assamite for its role in the fighting. It also saw the Toreador Rafael de Corazon’s first public speech demanding the enforcement of the Traditions with the Masquerade. Those anarchs who rejected the terms of the Convention of Thorns fled, later to form the Sabbat.

The New World

Though some elders had heard rumors of a land across the Atlantic Ocean, none were prepared for the impact the opening of the Americas has upon the new society of the Kindred. Though the newly formed Sabbat waged war on the Camarilla in Europe through the 16th century, the New World would become the real chessboard for the war between the sects. The elders of the Camarilla saw the Americas as a place to send troublesome childer. To the ancillae of the Camarilla, the Americas were a place to carve out a fief without having to wait for the death of one’s immortal master. Thus blessed with a rare unity of vision, the Camarilla sends many of its most promising ancillae to the New World. These Kindred staked out their territories in English, Dutch or French colonies, as the Sabbat influenced Spain, Portugal and their transoceanic assets. This arrangement settled into a sort of stalemate. While Camarilla vampires had interests on both sides of the Thirty Years’ War, and may have helped to encourage the French and American Revolutions, there was little movement in the struggle between sects. Allegiances solidified, rhetoric was tossed back and forth, and skirmishes were fought to little effect, but mostly the 17th and 18th centuries were a time of retrenchment and reinforcement for the Camarilla. Burgeoning industrialization moved more and more mortals to the cities and opened new avenues of power; the clans of the Camarilla were more interested in pursuing those than in fighting off war packs. The War of 1812 between the young United States and the British Empire concealed an all-out war for control of the Atlantic seaboard between the Sabbat and the Camarilla. Pincered by Sabbat territory in Quebec and Florida, the American Camarilla lost the East Coast a city at a time over the next 50 years. The Camarilla manage to retain control of a few key cities after the onslaught, but the fighting in the nighttime streets has never truly ended. If truth be told, during those nights the Camarilla is losing ground faster than ever. The next decisive battle between the Sabbat and Camarilla would not occur until the mid 1800s, as the two sects founght for control of the newly opened frontiers. Both saw opportunity in the wide expanses of land, room to grow and entrench themselves so thoroughly as to be impossible to dislodge. The Camarilla came extremely close to losing this (and, according to some scholars, America itself), but several sudden losses on the Sabbat side granted the staggered sect a reprieve, allowing them to force the Sabbat’s hand back.

The 20th Century

When empires grow calcified, stuck straining against one another, force applied to precisely the right point can trigger a huge reaction. Mortal revolutions against the old royalty and staid governments combined with the new social theory made for a volatile mix that encouraged Sabbat incursions into cities in turmoil and left the Camarilla occasionally scrambling to muster defense. Numerous forces conspired to take control of Europe during the devastating depression left in the wake of the Great War, but none of the vampires sects involved were able to exert enough influence to do much more than nudge European society one way or the other before the rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany. Wise Kindred without access to the halls of power in Europe got out of the way and let the kine fight their war. Foolish Kindred tried to direct the tides of battle, and were usually crushed by them.

The Camarilla’s primary concern is the maintenance and preservation of the Masquerade. The sect was organized in the 14th century in response to the growing influence of the inquisition. Historically, there have been many attempts by the leaders of the Camarilla to assert more authority over other aspects of vampire existence. Each time, the attempt has failed in a wave of bloodshead. The princes do not brook interferense into what they consider to be their historical rights and privileges, nor do the Methuselah’s desire a competitor who could thwart their aims.

It is thought the ventrue played a primary role in bringing together the seven founding clans of the camarilla. Their efforts and imagination certainly lay behind its improbable origin. Though the Camarilla holds it self open to all bloodlines, those that chose to participate represent more then half of the known clans. Only seven of 13 clans were among its founders, and only these regularly attend meetings of the Inner Circle. Individuals from other clans may be part of the Camarilla, but no clan as a whole is.

For the Camarilla, the endless nights bring the great game of intrigue and politics. The Camarilla’s upper structure is supported largely by the elders ~ it’s the elders who form the Inner Circle, and elders who serve as the feared Justicars. they enjoy pride of place as the movers and shakers of Kindred society, and do not hesitate to use their accumulated power to remind the “youngsters” of this. Modern Nights: In the year 2001 the Inner Council meet and named the ruling Justicars. They also gave these Justicars several directives to achieve. One the main directives was to remove any Sabbat held cities within the United States within the next 50 years.

Under this new directive, the Justicars where able to quickly remove several very small strong holds throughout the USA. After these smaller victories the Justicars moved into the next wave of their plan. To retake two cities, and push the Sabbat back into Mexico.

The cities of both Midland/Odessa Texas where chosen. This was do to the political moving of several Texas Princes and the fact that logically you could plan the attack as if it where one major metroplex.

In the past of Midland/ Odessa it had started as a Camarilla Domian. Even the last Prince of the area was of military background. After the Sabbat established El Paso as a major stronghold the days of Camarilla controlled Midland/Odessa where numbered. A horde of Sabbat Warparties and WarGhouls over ran the cities in early 1988. Most of the Camarilla city member are still listed MIA.

In January of 2009 a Terrorist attack happened in Midland/Odessa. The nation was shocked as several oil wells exploded, as well as 8 suicide bombers who walked into several public places in both cities and exploded (the death total is estimated to be around 1260 people). The National Guard where called in by the State Governor and Midland/Odessa where put under marshal law for the next several months while the FBI investigated. Several radical groups where imprisoned, and hate groups shut down.

Unknown to the mortal herds, 2 of the Justicars had set this chain of events up. They used the state of emergency as cover to come in and destroy the Sabbat leadership. There Archons and ghouls where already in place within the command of the Texas Nation Guard, so they where able to us the unknowing military force to clean out Sabbat nests.

Within 2 months the cities where declared free and marshal law removed. The Camarllia had sent a very beaten and bleeding Sabbat survives running back to El Paso.

The Justicars now moved to make Midland/Odessa a Camarilla Stonghold. The called in boons owed to them from several Princes across the nation and seas. They called any Kindred to come here and gain territory, make a name for themselves, and to hold the cities against the coming revenge of the Sabbat.

You are one of those Lucky or Unlucky souls…

Welcome to Midessa by Night…

City History

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