Creating a Character

Character Creation Guidelines

Step 1: Concept

  • Choose Character Name
  • Concept (2-4 words to describe your character)
  • Choose Clan
  • Choose Virtue/Vice
    1. Virtue- Charity, Faith, Fortitude, Hope, Justice, Prudence, Temperance
    1. Vice- Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride, Sloth, Wrath
  • Apparent Age
  • True Age

Step 2: Attributes

  • First dot in each Attribute is free
  • To get the fifth dot in an Attribute costs two at character creation
  • 5 dots Primary
  • 4 dots Secondary
  • 3 dots Tertiary

Step 3: Skills & Skill Specialties

  • To get the fifth dot in an Skill costs two at character creation
  • 11 dots Primary
  • 7 dots Secondary
  • 4 dots Tertiary
  • You get 3 free specialties (must have at least 2 in skill first)

Step 4: Clan Favored Attributes

A. Brujah – Dexterity or Manipulation

B. Gangrel _ Composure or Stamina

C. Malkavian – Intelligence or Wits

D. Nosferatu – Composure or Strength

E. Toreador – Presence or Manipulation

F. Venture – Presence or Intelligence

Step 5: Disciplines

  • 3 free dots in-clan Disciplines

Step 6: Merits/Flaws

  • 7 free dots
  • May choose 7 pts worth of Flaws
  • Total 14 merit pts.
  • All Merits are restricted to character creation (except Allies, Contacts, Mentor, Resources, Retainer, Haven, Herd)
  • Role-playing and ST approval to purchase merits after character creation.
  • Generation (• to •••••)*
    1. Can only be bought at character creation
    2. Merit point cost 2 per level (max 14)
    3. Can not be bought with XP
    4. Blood Potency will determine the Max. Traits, blood pool and feeding restrictions.
Generation Advantage
  • 13th None – everyone starts here
  • 12th +1 in clan status
  • 11th + 1 Resist Composure
  • 10th + 1 in clan status
  • 9th + 1 Resist Resolve
  • 8th + 1 in clan status
  • 7th +1 Kindred status (social challenges)
  • 6th + 1 Favored Attribute

Step 7: Sending Membership Class Points

  • Base of 30 XP starting
  • MC level x 20
Attributes New Dots x5
Skill New Dots x3
Skill Specialty 3 XP per
In Clan Disciplines New Dots x 5
Out of Clan Disciplines New Dots x 7
Rituals Ritual Level x 2
Merits New Dots x 2
Blood Potency New Dots x 8
Willpower 8 Per
Humanity New Dots x3

Step 8: Advantages

Defense Lowest of Dexterity or Wits

Health Stamina + Size

Initiative Dexterity + Composure

Humanity Base starting 7

Size Base starting 5

Speed: Acting Base value 5

Speed: Running Strength + Dexterity + Speed

Willpower Resolve + Composure

Your title here…Optional

Vampire the Masquerade is at its most stripped down version is a political game of who owes who. To enhance that aspect of the game the St’s are adding one more step into character creation. It is completely optional but we think it will greatly enhance the game.

Prestation Story wise: No one gets anywhere in the Kindred world without owing a Boon to somewhere down the line. To emphasize this The ST team will greatly compensate players for integrating their characters into the NPC world.

System: players can receive 1-5 merit points in trade from a certain pool (Allies, Contacts, Retainers, Resources, Haven, and Herd) for an equal number of boons. 1 pt is a trivial, 2 pt is a minor, and 3 pt is 1 minor/1trivial. Characters can have up to 3 pts debt to one NPC at creation but can use a combination of boons into one merit.

Example: Ventrue has a bad booty level 5 bodyguard (retainer) named Bob. Bob was given to him by his primogen at the cost of 3pt.

Ventrue want Bob to fight better so Brujah trained Bob how to fight. A trivial thing to do so only a trivial boon (1pt).

Ventrue wants Bob to increase his firearms with Toreador gunsmith. Again a trivial thing so only a trivial boon (1pt)

So as a player Ventrue has a free combat monkey to back him up and only owes 1 Minor and 3 trivial boons. The minor might put him in an uncomfortable spot but the trivial’s are nothing to repay.

We currently have 4 closeby cities each with a full compliment of NPCs to choose from or you can just leave it up to the ST team to choose for you.

Creating a Character

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