Mood and Theme


Against the Night – _city life is as quicksilver as the Cainite itself. Long periods of peace can explode without warning into spasms of great stife and turmoil. The vampire is an animal of twisted emotion and instinct. One Kindred’s obsession and perversions can suddenly bring her into conflict with another. Thought he Kindred can live with one another in peace for years, eventually the truce ends and the cannibalistic war begins anew. The Jyhad never truly ends – it only casts a smaller shadow for a time. _


Wild West blended with Intrigue – _On the front lines of a war whether you want to be or not. Much like the Camarilla in it’s founding days you will do what you need to do to keep your sect and self alive. Intrigue is still at the core as every the political landscape changes nightly. _

Mood and Theme

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