Mental Skills are a character’s application of insight and education.

Academics General knowledge or an education in the Arts and Humanities

Computer Operation and manipulation of computer software

Crafts Creating physical artwork or construction and repair with hand or power tools

Investigation Solving riddles and logic puzzles, examining for clues and finding connections

Medicine Treating injuries and illness, knowledge of human anatomy and physiology

Occult Myths, legends and lore of the supernatural

Politics Familiarity with the political process and how to work with the bureaucracies

Science Understanding of the physical and natural sciences


Physical Skills are a character’s application of might, endurance and coordination.

Athletics Training in activities that require strength, agility, or prolonged exertion

Brawl Skill at unarmed combat

Drive Operating a vehicle under difficult or dangerous conditions

Firearms Experience with projectile weapons

Larceny Familiarity with most types of illegal activity, either committing or detecting them

Stealth Knowing how to avoid notice

Survival Ability to endure harsh environments

Weaponry Practiced with handheld weapons


Social Skills are a character’s application of attitude, charisma and bearing.

Animal Ken Understanding animal behavior, as well as their care and training

Empathy Sensing and responding to the emotions of other people

Expression Using the art of communication to either entertain or inform

Intimidation Influence and control by means of fear

Persuasion Inspiring or manipulating someone by force of personality

Socialize Ability to interact with others in many situations

Streetwise Urban survival, as well as navigating the underground sub-culture

Subterfuge The art of deception, both the in its use and detection


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